The Davinci Tag Chain Code!

25 02 2008

A few centuries week ago, I received a sacred message from Alessandro Hel Fiero
about his legacy, The Davinci Tag Chain Code,.. *sorry for the delay brow 😉 *

Anger is only one letter short of danger If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.Great minds discuss ideas;Average minds discuss events;Small minds discuss people.He, who loses money, loses much;He, who loses a friend, loses much more;He, who loses faith, loses all.Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,But beautiful old people are works of art.Learn from the mistakes of othersYou can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.Friends, you and me…You brought another friend…And then there were 3…We started our group…Our circle of friends…And like that circle…There is no beginning or end…Yesterday is history.Tomorrow is mystery.Today is a gift.So now, let’s see how many circle’s of friends we can make by simply adding your link on this Friendship Meme!

1. Catsy Carpe Diem
2. Catsy Download
3. Out of the Blue
4. A Day to Savor and Relish
5. A Piece of Idea
6. Write Shy
7. Stupid Wise
8. onlinememorylane
9. See Me For What You Will
10. Michelle’s Small World
11. Chez Francine
12. Cronaca
13. Le bric à brac de Cherie
14. Life
15. Hanna
16. AngrianiWorld
17. Farah
18. Anoushka
19. Noushy Syah
20. Eagle
21. Dasir
22. Shirei
23. Eucalyptus
24. Puan
25. Princess Aurelia & Ibu
26. Andrei-Travellous
27. avartara
28. hermawanov

After a long and deep thought, I decide to bequeath The Davinci Tag Chain Code to my peers below,

1. Da Max (Datuak Blogger Padang Nan Santiang)

2. Desti (Takochan)

3. The Sigid (Manusiya Blogger Highlander)

Hope the legacy would be the chain of our eternal friendship, chain of our wealth & prosperity, and chain of our all good connections Old Man

You’ll Never Walk Alone




6 responses

25 02 2008

Thx for the partecipations,
take care

titov: thanks Hanna for the visit, “ti amo”, heppi browsing.. 🙂

25 02 2008

hehehe,…weleh2 jadi juo di posting,…thx bro,….salam gempa

titov: jadi lah brow, sorry sempet ter-delay 🙂

*salam gempa*

weleh2, ada salam baru ya sekarang…

27 02 2008

Kok kayak yg di prenster ya :mrgreen:

Ah tengkyu udah di-tag 😀

titov: hehe, emang miribh prenster *jadi inget punya akun prenster 🙄 *

2 03 2008

wahhhh…… translate dung. english saya acakadul :))

7 03 2008

Ciao Tito”
ti amo pure io!

9 03 2008
titov gerrard

@ da Max,
weleh weleh.. da Max harusnya yg ngajarin saya, lha wong enggres saya juga abal-abal.. 😆

@ hanna,’
Ciao juo Hanna,
Ti amo muwahwahwahwah.. 😉
maturnuwun sampun kedah mampir wonten blog kulo meniko jeng Hanna 🙂

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